How Dermatologists Can Help Diagnose And Treat Skin Conditions

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Dermatologists are medical professionals who can treat and diagnose skin, hair, and nail conditions and diseases. Many people experience conditions such as oily or dry skin, acne, redness, and itchy skin that are severe enough to cause discomfort or pain. Many conditions such as these may have home remedies or over the counter treatments that can help relieve the symptoms. However, if using these products does not produce the results desired, many people will turn to a dermatologist for treatment.

Some people are unaware that the symptoms of a skin problem can result from an underlying condition. For instance, many people believe that acne is the consequence of dirty, oily skin. Although dirt and oil may be the culprit for some acne problems, a more serious condition may be the cause. The acne may be a result of various conditions, but seeing a dermatologist before it worsens can help prevent scarring that untreated acne can leave behind.

Cosmetic dermatologists specialize in procedures to help rejuvenate or remove undesired marks or scars from the skin. Many people rely on them to help with the removal of moles, sunspots, sun damage, age spots, birthmarks, hair, skin tags, and even tattoos. Other cosmetic procedures performed by dermatologists can include spider vein and stretch mark treatment, Botox and other injections that help reduce wrinkles and keep skin firm and tight, and microdermabrasion treatments to exfoliate the surface.

Dermatologists undergo extensive education and training to become licensed to diagnose and treat patients, perhaps longer than many other types of physicians. After the required amount of education and post-graduate training, they must be certified by the American Board of Dermatology before they can begin practicing. This can take up to 12 years to complete as they have put in several years of training at an accredited residency program after graduation. Dermatology can be a very rewarding and lucrative career.

Like other types of doctors and specialists, they must maintain a good reputation and provide outstanding services to encourage current patients to return as well as entice new patients to seek out their services. Many times a patient will seek a dermatologist in another area if they provide an exceptionally unique service that they cannot find in their own area. For example, if NY dermatologists have the best reputation in regards to cosmetic dermatology procedures, a person may be willing to travel long distances to acquire their services.
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How Dermatologists Can Help Diagnose And Treat Skin Conditions

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This article was published on 2011/04/06