Protect Your Dog From Mange

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Mange is the worst skin disease that your dog can contract. It's a type of skin disorder that's highly contagious to both you and any other pets you have. The cause of mange is parasites that reside on your dog's skin. It causes hair loss, wounds, scabs and blisters to appear on your dog. Needless to say, these symptoms are not only unsightly but miserable for your dog.

There are 3 types of mange that your dog can develop. These are Demodectic Mange, Sarcoptic Mange and Cheyletiella Mange. They are quite similar to each other but have different effects on your pet.

Demodectic Mange is considered to be the mildest form. Some dogs have recovered from this type without any medical help. The problem is that it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange, which is a lot worse. In fact, if Sarcoptic Mange isn't treated, it can spread over the entire surface of your dog's skin. In the beginning stages, symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange only appear in certain areas such as the ears, foot, or mouth. If not treated, it will quickly spread all over your dog's body.

When you first notice any signs that your dog has mange, you should see your vet immediately. They can be treated with dips, antibiotics and changes to the diet to ensure that your dog is healed quickly. Don't try to treat your dog's mange by yourself. The dog needs to be examined by a vet to determine the type of mange affecting it. That's how the treatment is decided as there is a different treatment for each mange type.

The most noticeable type of mange is Cheyletiella. It's also called walking dandruff. These parasites burrow into the dog's skin to feed and then reproduce. This causes severe damage to the dog's skin. It only takes one parasite to give your dog mange because it will spread in as little as a week.

However, dogs with a normal and strong immune system will produce antibodies that will fight off the parasites. Dogs with poor hygiene are also more prone to contracting mange than other pets. So, keep your dogs clean and eating right to keep them mange-free.


Mange is one of the most miserable skin diseases that can afflict your dog so it's better to take preventive measures to protect your pet.

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Protect Your Dog From Mange

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This article was published on 2010/10/30