Revolutionising skincare with mineral and organic products

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In a society where appearance and impression are essential to ensure a good social and professional life, there is a lot of pressure on young men and women to enhance their looks. In the process many resort to chemical cosmetics which yield instant results but prove harmful in a long run. Natural skincare is a healthier and safer alternative to a  naturally beautiful and  glowing skin. Organic skincare products and  mineral makeup do not contain harmful chemicals, artificial colours and fragrances or petro chemicals  and thus are skin friendly. Mineral makeup can be used by people with sensitive skin also who are averse to conventional makeup.

Organic Skincare products are products of plant origin which have been grown without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Plants tend to accumulate the chemical agents used to enhance their growth and thus can transfer the chemicals to the products formed from them. These cause harm to the skin by causing allergies and hypersensitivity reactions . On the contrary, organic skincare products are manufactured from plants which have been grown using natural manure without exposure to any chemicals. Natural skincare products are derived from herbs, roots ,flowers and fruit extracts of plants. These are rich in anti oxidants and vitamins and may also have antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. These products nourish the skin , protect it from free radical damage and allay the signs of aging . Thus ensuring a glowing healthy skin.

Conventional makeup tends to be cakey and forms a layer on the skin surface. Thus the underneath skin is damaged due to clogging of pores. These products contain mineral oils, artificial colours and fragrances which  can cause allergic reactions. Mineral makeup lacks these constituents and is therefore safer. Mineral makeup is produced by finely grinding the natural minerals without the addition of any fillers ,dyes ,preservatives and fragrances. Minerals used are mica, zinc oxide, titanium oxide and bismuth oxychloride. These natural minerals are mined and modified to use in makeup.

Mineral makeup blends beautifully with the skin and lends it a natural glow rather than an oily shine. Since it does not  contain oil , it is prescribed for acne prone skin. Minerals also afford protection against UV radiation as zinc and titanium act as sun blocks. These mineral powders can be applied to the skin using a puff or a brush. Mineral makeup is very light and does not give the feel of a layer over the skin, it also blends in with the skin. Thus there is no caking and flaking as seen in conventional makeup. It is long lasting and does not clog the pores. All these properties make it suitable for daily use without harming the skin. These products also have a long shelf life .Earlier available as lose powder, mineral make up is now available in a wide range of products from rouge and eyes shadows to lipsticks and concealers.

Manufacturers are now using organic skincare products with mineral makeup to enhance the properties of mineral makeup. These products will ensure healthy and glowing skin with all flaws covered.

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The above description describes Natural Skincare the use of Natural Makeup products and Mineral Makeup. These products are free of chemicals and artificial fillers making them suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones. These products ensure long lasting health of the skin without causing any damage to it.

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Revolutionising skincare with mineral and organic products

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This article was published on 2012/02/20